Exchange project with Miami University, Oxford Ohio (USA)

Public university of Ohio(USA), founded in 1809.
Regional campuses:

  • in Oxford Ohio: Hamilton, Middeltown
  • in Europe: in Luxembourg: Differdange.


Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC)

miami1Mudec is an overseas campus of Miami University named after John Dolibois, a native Luxemburger, Miami University graduate and later Vice President of MU (Ohio).
He became United States Ambassador to Luxemburg from 1981-1985. The Miami University Centre in Luxemburg was founded in 1968. At the time American Universities featured the idea of a «junior year abroad».

Today the center is housed in Differdange Castle and offers study opportunities to some 150 students and is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018.


Project 1 : Comparative educational workshop since 1981

Miami-logoProf. Dr. Charles Teckman, Director of the Miami Campus of Luxemburg, introduced in 1980 the first field experience in European school systems for future junior teachers who graduated at Miami University (Ohio – USA).

Prof. Dr. Don Pribble took up the program in 1991, following Dr. Teckman’s retirement.
Since 2012, Prof. Dr. Jim Shiveley is in charge for the program.
Hosting schools are up to now primary and secondary schools in Bregenz (A), Sion (CH) and Luxemburg.

For the first time in 2012, the Nordstad-Lycée (Diekirch in Luxembourg) offers visits to a group of students. During three days, participants join courses in different classes to observe ways of teaching and have working sessions to discuss their experiences.


Project 2 : Internatioanl student teaching program for three months

Schoolyear 2012/2013, Mrs. Megan ESPER assisted the English department of NOSL as “Student teacher”.

Schoolyear 2014/2015, Mrs. Jenna FOGRASCHER and Mrs. Megan TURNER assited the English department of NOSL as “Student teacher”.

Schoolyear 2016/2017, Mrs. Kirsten LEDBETTER assisted the Arts department as “Student teacher”.